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Here at Blazing Blue Glass, we push for quality and function on all fronts. We start with quality materials and end with the highest quality control standards.

Since Blazing Blue Glass was founded in 2008, we’ve continued to produce a range of glass products made with high-quality Borosilicate glass and top of the line joints to guarantee you a cleaner and most enjoyable smoking experience.

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Honeycomb Screens:The Best Glass Screen….EVER!

With over 1,000+ Retail Partners and counting, Blazing Blue Glass offers the best glass screens on the market.

Why Blazing Blue Glass?

All of our Honeycomb Screens are made from top quality Boro glass. We only use the highest quality joints for our slides and stands.

Honeycomb Glass Screens

Made from high-quality Borosilicate glass, our Honeycomb Screens offer a lot more than any other screen on the market. Not only do they improve air flow over the entire bowl, they also hold back the ash, keeping your mouth and your pipe cleaner.

You can customize your Honeycomb Screen so it’s perfect for your bowl. Select from a range of colors and choose a diameter, ranging from 7–9mm, which fits snugly into your bowl and remains in place for many uses. Just pop it out and soak in alcohol to clean. Toothpicks work well, too.

Our screens can even be used to prevent combustion in vape pens or be used to fix broken bowls.  It’s easy to see why we call the Honeycomb Screen the best glass screen….EVER!

Honeycomb Bats

Now you can have the benefits of our Honeycomb Screen in your one hitter. Our Bats are a perfect 3.5″ length for being discreet. In addition they feature a flattened mouthpiece for hands free operation. Built-in Honeycomb Screen holds back ash.

Featuring a Colored Roll stop dot, Bat colors are available in Smoke, Pink, Clear, Yellow, Cobalt, White, and Emerald.

Honeycomb Crutches

Honeycomb Crutches, made from the same high-quality glass as our screens, act as a filter when rolling with a paper. They are ¾” in length, and come in two different diameter sizes, depending on how you like to roll. Both Small and Large sizes fit in most rolling machines.

The reusable tips are the perfect filter for hand rolled cigarettes, and cleaning them is really easy. When dirty they can be cleaned easily by soaking them in the jar provided. Select from a range of colors to find something ideally suited to you. No more burnt fingertips or wasted tobacco!

Honeycomb Slides

Honeycomb Slides are bowls with built-in screens. Made using durable high quality GonG joints, these Slides allow maximum air flow so less relighting is required.

Our Slides distribute an even burn while preventing ash from falling through. Available in variations including Male or Female Joints in 14mm or 19mm sizes. Bowls available in the following colors: Smoke, White, Yellow, Cobalt, Clear, Emerald, and Pink.

Line Tube Bats

Our Line Tube Bats are made with high quality tubing and of course, Honeycomb Screens are built in. They’re also the perfect 3.5-4″ length with ergonomic contouring that makes them easy to hold on to. Color options include: Fire Money, Rasta, Gorilla, Double Rainbow, Fiesta, and Air Water.  

Bubble Caps

Our Directional Bubble Carb Caps are 2.75″ in length with a 1″ diameter bubble.

They help control airflow intake and fit most sized bangers. The Honeycomb tip improves vaporization, especially for lower temperature dabs.

Don’t take our word for it! Read our Product Reviews!

Works great with my pipes.
Rebecca, Aqua Lab Technologies
I got these screens for my pen vape that was combusting and they fixed the problem. Just vapor now no smoke.
Jessy, 1percent.com
These things are great. Made with precision, these do a very well just of keeping your piece clean and still allowing good air flow. Unlike other glass screens that I have used in the past these stay put after taking a couple snaps out of your slide. Don’t think, just buy.!
Darryl , Aqua Lab Technologies
These screens are for sure the best out there. They work absolutely perfect. I am sooo impressed how perfect they fit in the bowls and how much suction there is taking hits, thank you. I should be back for more! And to be honest I don’t think any corrections could be made on the design, these things are awesome!
I first bought one of your bats a couple years back and have been telling people about them ever since……This is the one pipe that scores 5 stars in every category I think of….You guys rock!
Justin from Salt Lake City, UT
I would just like to say that I enjoyed your screen, and still am. Very easy to clean, just a toothpick and clean the holes out. The airflow is great, its extremely hard to OVER pack the pipe as I have tried to do. And the best part is that after a few uses, it is CEMENTED! This puppy isn’t going ANYWHERE. And I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped screens and broken them, or just lost them. You have created a great product, and I wish you the best of luck with it.
Steve from Asheville, NC
Excellent for better smoke and cleaner bong.
These screens are just the best. Helps to conserve your stash and is pretty easy to clean out. I use a toothpick to poke out the holes when it gets a little clogged, and you can soak them in some salt and rubbing alcohol to clean them completely out. No complaints, I keep buying them!
I love these things they fit well they last long and they are easy to clean.
Brandon E.
Most-likely the coolest & most useful smoking accessory I’ve come across in 20 years. Always envisioned such a screen & wondered why no one had come up with it. The “other” glass screen designs let ash & whatever you’re smoking get through with ease. NOT SO with these beauties. And NO more vaporized heavy metals containing who-knows-what being inhaled into your lungs. Best invention for smoking since fire!

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